Easy Friendships

IMG_2303My son has been inseparable from his best friend since they were introduced (maybe assigned is the best term) to each other in preschool.  For the past 5-6 years, B&E have fallen into an easy friendship.

They complement each other incredibly well.  E is shy until he gets around B and then he just transforms.  B is braver when he is with E.  He will try things and do things that he would not do alone.  They are better together.

They go weeks without seeing each other, and sometimes months.  They do not go to school together.  They are not in the same sports.  E likes team sports and B is more into individual sports.  They are so opposite, yet so similar.  They fill in each other’s gaps and lift each other higher than they would achieve on their own.

When they are together, they are difficult to separate.  This past weekend, B had a surprisingly empty schedule and asked to spend his days with E.  I listened to them giggling while watching Weird Al videos.  Pondering while watching Dan TDM videos.  Engaging each other while playing Minecraft and Terraria.  This is where this thought I had about easy friendships.

B&E were sitting on the edge of B’s loft bed, side-by-side, and having the calmest discussion about  hurt feelings.  While it seems trivial, their communication with each other about how they were feelings was poignant, especially for boys.  B had killed E somehow (I truly do not understand the Minecraft thing completely) and E was upset.  E very calmly said to B, “It makes me mad when you kill my guy.  I didn’t kill yours and I could have.”  B responds, “I’m so sorry, dude.  I won’t do it again.  I don’t know why I did it.  It was really mean.”  That was it.  All was well.

I was so proud of the two of them for identifying their feelings and then expressing them in a really healthy conversation.  There were no lingering feelings of betrayal or hurt.  There was no tension in the air when it was over.  It was so matter-of-fact, yet completely genuine.

These two are my definition of #FriendshipGoals.  I could not love a duo more!


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